Rep. Himes Addresses Local Dems

Congressman Jim Himes addressed the Wilton Democratic Town Committee at its monthly meeting on April 3 a the Comstock Community Center. He addressed a broad range of topics including Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation, funding of transportation infrastructure and the state’s opioid crisis.

He urged Democrats to defend Special Counsel Mueller and his investigation, citing the importance of an independent judiciary and a free press, both under threat today.

Despite Washington’s problems, Himes said, there were positive developments at the federal level, including the recent $5 million funding to fight opioid addiction in Connecticut and the President’s focus on infrastructure development which, if implemented, would bring great opportunities and jobs to the state. On the other hand, he said, President Trump’s immigration policies, the much-discussed border wall and his proposed use of national guard troops at the border, were, he believed, ill-conceived.

He decried political divisiveness in Washington, but said he sensed was room for the two parties to work together. He thought many Republicans publicly disagreed with the President on issues such as gun control and immigration, but were, in their minds, forced to remain silent to protect their chances in upcoming elections.

Himes entertained questions on the food stamp program and farm bill, gerrymandering, student debt, the ACA and the coming mid-term elections.

He urged Democrats to work hard work to mobilize their party during the elections, which will prove critical to the country on all of the issues discussed.