DTC seats members and officers for 2018-2020, hears from candidates for state office

At our March meeting, the DTC confirmed a full complement of 34 members and filled all offices for the 2018-2020 cycle. At last night’s meeting, we also heard from candidates and exploring candidates for state office, including our very own Ross Tartell who announced a bid for the State House seat currently occupied by Tom O’Dea. We are thrilled that Ross, who is a long time officer of the DTC and has served on a number of Wilton boards and commissions, has stepped up to stand for our Democratic values in the CT 125th. Watch this space for more information about Ross’ candidacy!

Ross Tartell, Clare Kendall, William Tong, Shawn Wooden, Susan Bysiewicz, Rob Simmelkjaer

Other candidates or exploring candidates were Clare Kendall (Attorney General), William Tong (Attorney General), Shawn Wooden (Treasurer), Susan Bysiewicz (Governor), Rob Simmelkjaer (Central State Democratic Committee).

Plan to attend our monthly DTC meetings in the coming months as we continue to host candidates for state office. Learn about the candidates and decide for yourself who will best represent Wilton in the November elections.

Officers and Members:

  • Tom Dubin, Chair
  • Victoria Rossi, Vice-Chair, Fundraising Chair, Campaign Co-Chair
  • Melissa Spohn, Campaign Co-Chair
  • Richard Creeth, Treasurer
  • Peter Squitieri, Deputy Treasurer
  • Diane Martucci, Co-secretary
  • Jackie Kremer, Co-Secretary
  • Ross Tartell, Nominating Committee Chair
  • Bob Carney, Communications Committee Chair
  • Ernest G. Ricco, Platform Committee Chair
  • Charles B. Lewis, Bylaws Chair
  • Leslie Holmes, Website Committee Chair
  • Thomas Burgess
  • Paul Burnham
  • Max Fanwick
  • Patti Frisch
  • Ken Hoffman
  • Ted Hoffstatter
  • Florence Johnson
  • John Kalamarides
  • Deborah Low
  • Ceci Maher
  • Alison Mark
  • Deborah McFadden
  • Jeffrey Miller
  • Tracy Murray
  • Richard Ricco
  • Valerie Rosenson
  • Bob Sabo
  • Laura Schwemm
  • Hermon Telyan
  • Daniel Troph
  • Steven Wall
  • Brad Williams