Will Haskell on Transportation 2030 Forum

Last night, I brought a 1963 Metro-North timetable to our Transportation Town Hall. Back then, the 8:10 AM train delivered commuters to Grand Central at 9:14 AM. Sadly, that 64 minute trip lasts roughly 75 minutes today.

Transportation policy matters to Fairfield County, and my constituents are frustrated about how much time they spend sitting in traffic or on a delayed train. Home owners and businesses are hesitant to invest in a state that struggles to get employees to and from their desk every day.

That’s why I support the CT 2030 plan, which would ask some of the heaviest trucks to contribute to the upkeep of our roads. With every one of our neighboring states already collecting tolls on trucks, Connecticut can not afford to continue offering a free ride. I am so grateful to Governor Ned Lamont, State Representative Jonathan P. Steinberg, Representative Lucy Dathan, Senator Bob Duff, Senator Leone and Transportation Commissioner Giulietti for taking the time to hear directly from my constituents.

Most importantly, thanks to the hundreds of community members who came to share their perspective on how to modernize our infrastructure.