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Wilton Town Government

Wilton is a town of almost 19,000 people, of which 12,160 are registered voters. As of February 2018, Democrats represent 28 per cent of registered voters, Republicans 33 per cent and Unaffiliated voters 38 per cent. (In the state, Democrats represent about 36 per cent of voters, Republicans 20 per cent, minor parties 10 per cent and Unaffiliated voters 42 per cent.)

Wilton’s form of government is town meeting. The town is administered by a Board of Selectman (BOS) comprising 5 members. The town charter provides for 4-year, staggered terms for Selectmen, who, with the exception of the First Selectman, are term-limited. The First Selectman, now Lynn Vanderslice, a Republican elected in 2015, is its only paid member. The First Selectman serves for 4 years. The WDTC Nominating Committee works to place Democratic and Unaffiliated Wiltonians with democratic concerns on the Board of Selectman and Wiltons Boards and Committees. 

The Selectmen meet in Wilton Town Hall, 238 Danbury Road. The schedule of BOS meetings is posted on the town web site, wiltonct.org. The meetings are taped for delayed viewing on Channel 79. Wilton’s budget, adopted each May at the town meeting, is currently $125,488, 107. 

The Wilton Economic Development Commission (EDC) has released the first in a series of videos highlighting Wilton as a great town in which to live and do business.

Wilton Sites

Town of Wilton Website
The Economic Development Committee
Wilton Chamber of Commerce


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