Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editors

Letters to Editor must arrive by Tuesday at noon to be considered for that Thursday’s edition. Letters may be up to 500 words long — shorter is better; brief letters stand a better chance than long ones of being published right away. Letters must include the name, address and daytime phone number of the sender. Letters may be submitted as e-mails or they may be posted (typed and double-spaced or very neatly hand-printed). We do not accept faxed letters. We publish letters only from residents, former residents or people who work in the town. Letters that are libelous or in poor taste will not be printed. Email your letter.

We also accept some unsolicited op-eds, if the writer is a resident and can provide credentials in his or her area of expertise.


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How do I get a Letter to the Editor published?

We do welcome letters to the editor, which must be signed (names will be verified, and anonymous letters will not be accepted) in order to be published. Letters may be edited for brevity, grammar and clarity; they may also be rejected based on conduct guidelines as explained elsewhere on this site (see “Terms of Use“).