Kevin Gardiner for Board of Finance

I am running for the Board of Finance because I want to ensure that we make the necessary investments to build a future Wilton that we all want to live in.

I represent a new generation of Wiltonian. I was born and raised in Shelton, Connecticut, and after getting my master’s degree at UCONN, I got married and moved around the country every few years. From Boston, to New Jersey (where we had our first child), to Cincinnati, and then to Chicago. After having our second child in Chicago, we decided to build a life in Wilton. We moved here in 2016, with a four-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son (they are now seven and four). We wanted the proximity to New York City, we loved the properties that we saw, and most importantly, we moved to Wilton for the great schools.

With two young children, and a house that was the most expensive investment we have ever made, I understand the importance of investing in our schools, and the importance of growing the value of our homes.

If I am elected to the Board of Finance, I will ensure that we are not spending money frivolously, but I will also ensure that we are making the appropriate investments so that we continue to have great schools for our current residents and great schools that will attract new families to move to Wilton.

The result of the investment in our schools will ultimately grow the value of our homes, and those investments will help ensure that Wilton continues to be the beautiful and prosperous town that we all love to live in.