Jung Soo Kim for Board of Finance

I am excited to run for the Board of Finance along with Kevin Gardiner, Mike Kaelin and Chris Stroup.

My husband grew up in Wilton. We moved back in 2003 to start our family and access the excellent public education. Our eldest is now in Wilton High School and the two younger children are attending Middlebrook. I was fortunate to have been able to stay at home while the children were young and have volunteered at numerous events in our schools and library. We enjoyed the aid of my Wiltonian father-in-law in caring for our children. And in turn, supporting him has helped me understand the challenges of living in Wilton as a retiree. I returned to school and earned my MS in Software Engineering from Fairfield University to start a new career with a financial data and software company. We have been very fortunate to have made a good life in Wilton.

The Board of Finance has a simple mission, to propose the town budget at the annual Town Meeting. To do so fairly, we need to broaden representation of the voices in our town to better reflect town priorities and chart a fiscally sustainable course. We must invest in our schools because we value our children’s education and opportunities. Our community is stronger with the vigorous participation of our older residents and we need to enable them to remain.

I am running for the Board of Finance, along with Kevin Gardiner, Chris Stroup and Mike Kaelin to offer my voice and skill set to the analysis and discussion that results in a fiscally prudent budget that invests in Wilton. I ask for your support because I believe that we can give the voters more robust conversations to produce more transparent results and give Wilton a brighter future.