Chris Stroup for Board of Finance

VOTE this November

You are vested in the outcome —the competing candidates offer contrasting views of Wilton’s future—and so your choices will impact Wilton’s fortunes. Vote for Kevin Gardiner, Jung Soo Kim, Mike Kaelin and me, Chris Stroup, for the Board of Finance. Read our personal statements of mission. Here’s mine:

Wilton welcomed Catherine and me in 1994. Our children Sarah and Alex attended our exceptional public schools before matriculating to excellent universities. The Wilton community has treated my family exceptionally well. I want to give back—so I volunteer. I served on the Board of Education and the Economic Development Commission. I was a partner/CPA of a Big Four accounting firm; I serve as CEO of an insurance company. I want to volunteer again—this time on the Board of Finance.

The Board of Finance expresses our Town’s values. The Board determines what and where we spend—and how we fund our spending. These decisions reflect value judgments- as there is no “right” level of commercial development, no “right” maximum classroom size, and no “right” amount of aid to fixed income households. Here are my values:
We invest in our schools because we value Wilton’s children. Academic excellence requires consistent financial and moral support. The Board of Finance, through its actions and words, should demonstrate unwavering commitment to the Wilton Public Schools.

We are enriched by our longest tenured citizens; they provide our link to our rich history. We need to ensure they remain in town. They deserve social services and fiscal accommodations which permit them to continue to prosper.

We enhance Wilton with extended infrastructure and careful commercial development. We must preserve the charm of this New England town.

I am committed to ensuring Wilton builds on its strengths. Please join me November 5.