Like many of you, I was surprised to see my electric bill jump up this month. It's reasonable to expect a slight uptick when so many people are spending more time at home, but the recent rate increases are crazy — especially from a utility that cleared more than $1 billion in profit last year.

In response to the outcry in our community, my colleagues and I demanded answers from Eversource. Executives claim that this increase stems from a 2017 vote in the legislature concerning the Millstone power plant in eastern Connecticut. While I was not in the legislature at the time of this decision, I am eager to work on reducing the cost of energy for our community.

Thankfully, the Public Authorities Regulatory Authority (PURA) has ordered Eversource to restore prior rates and temporarily suspend extra delivery charges. PURA will now be conducting a thorough review of Eversource’s proposed changes and will explore alternative cost recovery options. If you've seen a massive rate increase, you can help regulators by filling out this complaint form.…/Consumer-Services/Filing-a-Complaint. PURA has agreed to hold a public hearing in August to obtain additional information necessary to ensure that any rate changes are in compliance with all statues and regulations.

As more information becomes available, I will be sure to keep you updated. I believe Connecticut must move toward affordable and renewable energy sources, and I was proud to approve Connecticut's largest ever renewable energy investment.…/cts-largest-ever-renewab…

In the meantime, you can always contact PURA at 1-800-382-4586 or My office is also available to lend a hand, so please call 860-420-0068 or email if you have any questions.



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