What We Stand For


We stand for equal economic opportunity for every hard-working citizen, and in a government that promotes and protects that opportunity in housing, schools and jobs.

We stand for the participation of every citizen in the elective process and oppose initiatives that curtail or discourage that participation. We support efforts to make such participation easier.

We stand for a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices, and strongly support laws that protect that right.

We believe that Wilton should welcome the young professionals that grew up here, with housing and job opportunities that make it possible for them to stay, believing that it is their presence that will, in turn, attract corporate investment.

We believe that those who have made Wilton outstanding town—be they teachers, policemen, businesspeople or retirees—should be able to live here, and we support policies that provide housing options that allow them to do so.

We believe that inclusion and diversity are is not slogans but contributors to a culture that strengthens us and builds a more talented, cohesive and robust community. We know that it prepares our children for the world in which they will live and serve.

We believe that excellent schools are both the foundation and the future of our town. They are our top priority.

We value our teachers and administrators, and while supporting the right of parents to participate in the education process, also believe we should rely on these professionals’ expertise to establish a challenging and effective curriculum.

We stand for Wilton’s right to shape its own future. We know that this includes its responsibility to address the challenges faced by the state, whether those challenges affect us directly or not. We believe that this right, and these responsibilities, and are intertwined.

We believe that patriotism and love of country is not measured by the mistakes we ignore, but rather by our willingness to reckon with the imperfections we address as we seek to make our state and country stronger.

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