Vote Strategically

If Deborah McFadden is not elected to the Board of Selectmen, there will be NO Democrats on our town’s governing body.

Therefore, we’re encouraging you to vote strategically in the Nov 7th election.

This is how it works:

There are five seats on the Board of Selectmen. In 2017, three seats are not up for re-election. These seats are held by one Republican and two unaffiliated. Detailed description of how the Board makeup is determined.

There are four people running for the two available BoS seats.

One person is a Democrat, two are Republicans and one is a Republican running as a petitioning candidate.

The two candidates with the most votes win the seats.

You get to vote for two candidates. Obviously, we hope your first vote will go to Deb.

If you use your second vote, you will add to the number of votes a Republican candidate receives.

Here’s the math: In Wilton, as of this writing there are approximately

  • 3400 Democrats
  • 4100 Republicans
  • 4600 Unenrolled in a party
  • 80 Other parties

Assuming Democrats vote for the Democrat, and Republicans vote for Republican candidates, you can see that it’s already possible that two Republican candidates get more votes than our Democrat. If you add your second vote to a Republican candidate, the chances are very good that’s exactly what will happen. Result: No Democrat on the Board of Supervisors.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Come out to vote. We need all democrats to turn out on November 7.
  • Vote for Deb
  • Don’t use your second Board of Selectmen vote.
  • Vote for our whole Democratic Slate (Row A on your ballot)
  • Ask your friends and family to vote.
  • Help us get out the vote on November 7.


Thank you!! 

The 2017 Electioneering team

Captains: Vicki RossiMelissa Spohn