Wilton Go Green Festival | Town Center

The Wilton Energy Commission is organizing the first ever Wilton community-wide event to celebrate green living.

Designed to provide a fun an informative way to learn about energy conservation and sustainable living, the Go Green festival will focus on small things Wilton citizens can do every day to make a big difference in greater energy efficiency in building, land management, water, waste, and transportation.

A Full Day of Events

The festival will illustrate ways to save dollars today, and our planet for tomorrow with an engaging assemblage of over 60 exhibits and activities, including:

  • Aerial photographer and author Alex MacLean sharing his photos and insight about how the American landscape has been affected by climate change, a celebration of Arbor Day, and panel discussions on sustainable architecture, energy, and transportation?
  • a Tesla electric car, a biodiesel car converted by high school students and fueled by cafeteria fryer oil, and a hybrid auto?
  • a Stroller Derby, Green Gal Music Show,the Garbage Museum, family Yoga, and The Story of Stuff?
  • a ride with the Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club, a 5K race at Woodcock Nature Center, and a wade in the Norwalk River to observe trout habitats?
  • the chance to set your own Green Goals by calculating your carbon footprint, taking the Wilton Energy Commission Green Pledge with the first 100 earning a FREE energy audit from New England Smart Energy (while turning your home GREEN online), and signing up for CTCleanEnergyOptions to obtain a portion of your electricity from clean and renewable sources
  • everything you need to start composting food waste, recycling disposable containers, and reusing grocery bags?
  • tips on organic gardening and lawn care, buying locally-grown, locally-produced food, and reel mowers.
  • Skinny Pines pizza with fresh, locally-grown toppings like arugula, baby spinach, asparagus and Eagle Wood Farm pepperoni?
  • Mother’s Day gifts – cosmetic bags sewn from elegant old kimonos, wallets crafted from brightly-colored gum wrappers, and stationery made from elephant dung (yes, it does say elephant dung), and other gift items for your family, friends and home crafted from reused and recycled materials, as well as a variety of green products?
  • conservation and cost-saving advice from experts in sustainable energy, building, gardening and food growing, land management, transportation, watershed, and recycling?
  • speakers, panel discussions, and hands-on activities for the whole family.