Board of Selectmen Report – August 2009

Board of Selectmen Report provided by Ted Hoffstatter

Plan of Conservation and Development

The Plan is done every ten years for Wilton, and we receive grant money to do it. The Plan was developed by Planimetrics in conjunction with Planning and Zoning as well as with input from other Boards and the community. Copies of the plan are available at Town Hall and on the Town’s website.

My Take: Overall, I think the plan is good. While attending the Pace University Law School Land Use Forum last year, the instructors spoke highly of the firm. The document contains interesting info on Route 7, SWRPA, land use, groundwater, and habitat issues.

The big question is what will happen to the land that may be freed if Super 7 is truly dead-dead, and not just dead. It will be important for the community to be on top of this issue, as there are environmental and town character issues at stake here; we will need your input! The Plan will be discussed at our next BOS Meeting. Groundwater and well issues are also a concern; ordinances to address these issues can be complicated. The same holds true for storm runoff.

Finally, the Plan mentions the environmental benefits of creating backyard space that is friendly as a habitat for Wilton’s fantastic array of wildlife; I wish the plan was more specific on how best to do that. Backyard Habitat Promotion could be a great project for interested high school kids/Trackside to take on.

Election 09 Referendum Items: Town Charter Revision

  • Town Charter Revision
  • Retail Sales of Alcohol

My Take: I am in favor of both. While I don’t agree with every single aspect of the Charter Revision, overall I feel it is an improvement. Most importantly, it allows for a separate election for First Selectman. On the second item, I do feel it makes sense to allow the retail sales of alcohol in Wilton; I would rather see money spent on a store in Wilton than a store in a neighboring town.

Wilton Commons

The group is still looking for money anywhere they can get it. Jim Himes has put in a request to the Appropriations Committee, but they still need more. Stimulus money in CT is flowing slowly, and is hard to come by, unfortunately.

My Take: I worked to set up a meeting with the group and representatives from Senator Dodd’s office; we’ll hope for the best!

WHS Renovation

The repairs are mostly finished and ready for the opening of school.

My Take: Great Job Karen, Bruce, and everyone who worked hard on this! You knew it was the most effective plan early on, and everyone did a great job of selling to the nay sayers!

Fallen Heroes Memorial Highway

Route 33 was officially renamed last week in honor of our troops, fire, police, and first responders.

My Take: This is a very nice gesture, but let’s not let it stop there – pick up a troop box next time you are at Town Hall!!

State Central Report

Thanks to the Wilton DTC for passing the State Central Resolution to support Chris Dodd sponsored by Scott Bates! This resolution has gained wide support in the 26th! While several constituents have questioned the need for such a resolution, or the wording within the resolution, the overwhelming majority have expressed support for Senator Dodd. The Resolution passed State Central unanimously!!