Healthcare Action Group


This group is engaging with other local groups to:

  • Develop a community conversation around quality affordable healthcare for all Americans,
  • Identify opportunities to stand up for and make our voices heard in support of supporting the principles and goals that were the objectives of the Affordable Care Act,
  • Identify and host training for activists,
  • Monitor legislation in Congress and Hartford to ensure the goals of healthcare for all Americans are being met.

Join this group to remain informed about important healthcare issues and legislation that may affect them. Join us to help all our citizens stand up for this worthy goal. The group meets irregularly but communicates frequently via email, facebook and twitter.

For more info, please contact group chair: Bob Sabo


Bob Sabo
Florence Johnson
Kathie Mandel
Dan Villa
Peter Squitieri


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What We Believe

As Democrats and citizens, we believe that access to healthcare is a fundamental human right. While the best way to provide healthcare is open to debate, any legislative solution must ensure that all Americans have timely, affordable access to quality comprehensive health services, including preventive care, diagnostic tests and screenings, emergency, outpatient, and acute care that includes guaranteed access to the 10* essential health benefits.

Any replacement must achieve what the ACA provided:

While not perfect, the ACA is working and having a real impact.

  • The ACA has had a 3-pronged effect on healthcare in America.
    • It has greatly increased affordable access to healthcare for large numbers of previously un- and under- insured Americans under age 65,
    • It has improved healthcare quality and the patient experience,
    • It has kept healthcare costs from rising and increased competition in healthcare markets serving a critical mass of insured people.
  • The ACA greatly reduced barriers to healthcare for low and moderate income under-insured and un-insured population.
    • Subsidized the cost of monthly premiums for lower and middle income households
    • Expanded Medicare eligibility to give access to healthcare to persons who were un-insured or under-insured, and who could not consistently afford insurance premiums
  • Eliminated restrictions on purchasing insurance for people with pre-existing conditions (including pregnancy)
  • Eliminated annual claim limits on health services or classes of services (e.g. mental health care, addiction services)
  • Eliminated gender rating of premiums — but not age rating.
  • Phased out donut-hole costs for prescription drugs for Medicare-enrolled populations
  • Allowed children up to the age of 26 remain on parents’ health insurance policies.
  • Included reasonable and sustainable features to control spiraling health care costs and raise revenue to support the program.

*10 Essential Health Benefits – Outpatient care, Emergency Services, Hospitalization, Pregnancy/newborn care, Mental Health/Substance abuse, Prescription drugs, Rehabilitation services, Laboratory services, Wellness/preventive services, Pediatric services including oral and vision care.


This document provides links to sources of information related to the debate over the Affordable Care Act. As legislation is debated in Congress to repeal/replace/change/substitute ACA, you can stay abreast of developments on these websites.