WDTC Action Groups

Action groups meet on a regular basis, study and research the issue, and keep action-group members and the DTC up-to-date on legislation, events, and direct action through which members can make a difference. We’ll add you to our monthly newsletter and invite you to attend the monthly DTC meetings. Meetings occur on the first Tuesday of every month, usually at the Comstock Community Center. If you don’t see your issue of interest here, choose “Other”and list it there.  We’re happy you want to get involved!

Action Groups

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Gun Violence

More group pages coming soon:
Environment – contact Tom Burgess – next meeting Thurs April 20, 7:30pm, Comstock
Voting Rights – contact Carole Young-Kleinfeld
Fundraising – contact Andy Gundell 
Wilton High School – contact Cameron Berg
Fight for Democrats in 2107/18
Other group … let us know how you’d like to be active.

General Resources for all action groups

How to Testify at a Hearing
The Art of Advocacy (pdf)
Understanding the Legislative Process (Indivisible)
How to track CT legislation
Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump
Pew Research Center

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Other Activist Links

Indivisible Fairfield County
Dreamcore Love Army
Action Together Network
Women’s March CT – We March On
NOW National Action Program
The Sixty Five – Weekly Call to Action
President’s actions on whitehouse.gov
re:act newsletter
Wall-of-us newsletter
Text WOMEN to 226 466 for daily actions update
Daily Action
Daily Kos Campaigns

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