Make a Difference in Wilton

Serving on a town board or committee is one of the most important ways you can participate in, and affect, Wilton’s future. The Democratic Town Committee welcomes both unaffiliated voters and registered Democrats as potential nominees for these seats. We trust that the DTC’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship, compassionate treatment of employees and an inclusive and tolerant political discourse are your values as well. Below is link to view currently open positions, and information about expressing interest.

Boards and Committees

View Open Positions on the Wilton town website.

To express interest:

Interested registered Democrats please contact Ross Tartell of the Democratic Town Committee.

Unaffiliated voters or those registered with another party are welcome to contact Ross Tartellof the Democratic Town Committee or directly contact the Board of Selectmen.

Read more about how boards and committees are formed on the Wilton Town Website

Training Events

There are many opportunities to learn how to campaign for local, state, and national office. Have a look at some upcoming events.