Get Involved

Together, working as a team, we can elect our Democratic candidates in November. We need your help with:

  • Join the Campaign Team:

    Follow us on Social Media and check our Websites

    Please LIKE our DTC Facebook page – when you see posts by the DTC and Candidates, it is very helpful to 1) LIKE them, 2) POST them on your own page by SHARING the post and 3) COMMENTING on posts.   Doing ALL these actions will help their impact immensely.

    Word of Mouth

    Getting up to speed on the issues and our candidates’ positions and communicating with your friends and neighbors is extremely helpful.  In today’s environment, sending out personalized emails to your friends supporting candidates is very effective.


    You can always contribute directly  to help us fund our operations (up to $2,000 per person each year).  CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE.

    Attend Campaign Events

    Your presence makes an impact. Follow our events page and subscribe to add them to your own calendar. (Check “Add” at the bottom of the event list or to the right of an individual event page).

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