Eric Fanwick


I moved to Wilton 18 years ago, not only for the quality of the schools but the quality of the life. I believe Wilton to be a excellent balance of residential and commercial space. And to help preserve that balance I have spent most of the past 16 years on land use boards.  I believe that good zoning regulations and a detail master plan are key elements to maintaining the nature of Wilton.

 What this service has taught me that everyone who comes before the board does so for their own personal reasons but it is the board’s responsibility to speak for the town. 

The town now has new challenges in that both retail and commercial vacancies are up and P&Z will play a vital role  in setting the rules to fill this empty space while not destroying Wilton in the process. I ask for your support in helping me accomplish this goal. 

Fanwick, who previously served on the Zoning Board of Appeals for 5 years, has served on the Water Pollution Control Authority for 7 years. He is a senior systems analyst for OrthoNet, a leading health care management company headquartered in White Plains, and formerly ran his own technology consulting company.