Doris Knapp


I feel privileged to have been asked to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission again because I believe that preserving the residential and historical character of the town is of paramount importance.

The Commission needs to insure that it pursues policies that not only protect the special character of Wilton but also enhance the quality of life for its residents. It should create a framework for planned and controlled growth as well.

My goal for serving on the Commission is to make sure that the present and future needs of Wilton are met in a sensible manner. We need to preserve what makes Wilton so special while thoughtfully planning for the future. Those plans include considering Wilton Center improvements, opportunities for attracting and retaining business, making Wilton more attractive for families with and without children and for a variety of ages and considering the town’s taxation policies.

Knapp, who has served on the Commission for 10 years and is currently its Secretary, has lived in Wilton for 45 years. She is an attorney specializing in family and juvenile practice, having represented children and parents in child protection, abuse and neglect matters.