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GREAT schools  BRIGHT futures

EDUCATOR BACKGROUND: I am a former educator with 38-years of experience. I most recently served for eight years as Superintendent of the Ridgefield Public Schools.   Prior to that, I worked for the Wilton Public Schools for 20 years holding a variety of positions including WHS Principal and Wilton Assistant Superintendent. I began my career as an English teacher in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I always put the needs of students first. I championed improved early literacy and math programs, full day kindergarten, expanded on-site support services, and numerous high school courses to match the changing needs of students. I maintained reasonable class sizes and worked to ensure a welcoming and nurturing environment for all students. I increased attention to the social and emotional needs of students. I was committed to recruiting and supporting outstanding faculty members and emphasized the importance of quality staff development and a collaborative work environment. I communicated openly and developed positive partnerships with parents, the Board of Education, and community members.

WHY I AM RUNNING: GREAT SCHOOLS…BRIGHT FUTURES Because of my long career in education, I am passionate about schools. I know that excellent public schools are essential to the long term success of students.    As a parent of two Wilton graduates, I am committed to continuing the legacy of educational excellence in Wilton.

THE FISCAL SIDE:   I understand the financial challenges that annual school budgets represent for taxpayers. As the superintendent in Ridgefield during the recession, I developed budgets within severely tight financial constraints. I proposed historically low budgets that responded to the recession while still addressing student needs.   As a long-term Wilton resident and now empty-nester, I understand the need for fiscal responsibility.

THE PERSONAL SIDE: My husband and I are twenty-year Wilton residents and parents of two Wilton graduates (Class of 2001 and 2007). I serve on the Wilton Social Services Commission.

STRONG SKILLS: My experience brings a unique and valuable perspective to the Board of Education. I can examine issues critically, communicate effectively, promote important initiatives, and be fiscally responsible. Most importantly, I can collaborate as part of a Board of Ed team to maintain and improve the quality of the Wilton schools for all students.