Bas Nabulsi


I have previously served on Wilton’s Planning & Zoning Commission for more than ten years and have lived in Wilton for 25 years.  I have been away from the Commission for several years, and am now seeking a return because I believe my experience and understanding of the role to played by the Commission in the Town’s development would be valuable at this time.  In particular, careful consideration and implementation of a new Plan of Development and Conservation is important, both in the short and long term. Of equal importance is a thoughtful and analytical approach to each application that is presented to the Commission, developing a full record of the Applicant’s position and how the proposed development fits with the Town’s regulations and furthers the objectives of the Town.  While emotions may be high in a particular matter, it is vital that the Commission be open-minded and fair to all participants in the process. I believe that my previous work on the Commission has demonstrated my skills in this regard and that my legal background well-positions me to work with the Commission over the next two years.

A former 3-term member of the commission, Nabulsi was a member of the commission when it developed its current Plan of Conservation and Development. He is a partner in the Stamford law firm, McCarter & English, and specializes in intellectual property law. He has also served on the boards of the World Affairs Forum and the Women’s Business Development Council. He has lived in Wilton for 35 years.