WDTC Advisors

To recognize and honor those Wilton Democrats who have served the DTC and the Town of Wilton with dedication for many years, the DTC has established the role of “Advisor”.

Advisors act as special counsel to the Chair. They are consulted when issues arise that are controversial or require additional points-of-view to supplement the work of the Wilton Democratic Town Committee. Advisors are kept informed, and encouraged to participate, in all DTC activities. However, Advisors are not eligible to vote on DTC issues.

Advisors to the WDTC

  • Lois Harmon Alcosser
  • David S. Borglum
  • Eric S. Fanwick
  • John B. Gardiner
  • Barbara Massy Bear
  • Tony Fouracre
  • Mari Okie-Fouracre

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